More on the I-40 Pedestrian Bridge

September 8th, 2008

Follow up on my previous post on the new I-40 pedestrian bridge, which I now know is called the “SkyDance Bridge”. Doug Loudenback has put up a nice post that includes the Core to Shore masterplan and shows the location of the bridge on the Harvey alignment and photos of a model of the bridge that currently is sitting at city hall. This north-south pedestrian alignment will extend all of the way from the river, across I-40 (via this bridge) and up into downtown where it will intersect the new Devon Tower rotunda. The model of the bridge is especially helpful in understanding the whole design, including a small pivot that takes play halfway across the bridge, which I assume is both for aesthetic value and to help align the paths on either side of the highway. Also, I have included all of the members of the team with links to the websites that I have found. While many of these guys have yet to do a project of this scale and significance, all of them have have been doing terrific architecture around Oklahoma City for years. Finally, there is the video from that includes commentary from lead designers Hans Butzer and Stan Carroll on the design, including information on the two lighting schemes that will either glow from withing the translucent ETF skinned north face or provide dramatic sculptural lighting that shines from below.




Hans Butzer

Stan Carroll
Beyond Metal

Kenneth Fitzsimmons
TASK Design

Jeremy Gardner

Brett Johnson
J3 Architecture

Doug Klassen
MKEC Engineering

Laurent Massenat
Obelisk Engineering

Chris Ramseyer
OU School of Civil Engineering

Karl Svaty
MKEC Engineering

David Wanzer
J3 Architecture


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More model Pictures:

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  1. Don Lake comments:

    Wow! What a wonderful gift to our citizens, It is so classy. We have so much of which to be proud. This is just another path Oklahoma City is taking on it’s way to a city of the first rank. .

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