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March 2nd, 2009
  • UPDATE: A co-worker got an interesting call from a “homebuilder” who complained about this post. The homebuilder didn’t bother contacting me directly, but apparently feels this is a ”lovefest” for Grant Humphreys and wanted to know how much Grant paid for it.

    Grant paid nothing. I post what I find interesting. I found the new animation interesting. I thought Grant’s comments were interesting. There you have it, anonymous homebuilder. The same logic went into yesterday’s posting on the Prohibition Room.
    I also think this might be interesting to my readers. If I’m guily of a ”lovefest” here, I guess you can also say I’ve had “lovefests” with Marva Ellard and the Sieber, Ron Bradshaw and the Maywood Lofts, Larry Nichols and Devon Tower, pretty much all of Bricktown and all of MidTown and all of Automobile Alley.
    Here’s the thing people keep on missing: I cover downtown and the inner-core. That’s what I do.


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  • "…Originally, he claimed land in Guthrie. But Classen soon realized there was an overabundance of attorneys in the area. He moved south along the Santa Fe Railroad tracks and invested his money and energy in the community of Edmond…"

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