MAPS 3 Looking Forward: Mayor Cornett on the New Convention Center

October 28th, 2009

Mayor Cornett discusses Oklahoma City’s MAPS 3 Convention Center at the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerces “Breaking Through” luncheon on October 21, 2009. The Mayor points out the need for the Convention Center and estimated timeline for construction. He discusses the important issues when it comes to the site location – Bricktown and hotels – and indicates that we will look for a community consensus on the best site before making that decision.

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I haven’t always been the biggest cheerleader of the Convention Center. Slowly, but surely though, I am coming around. The Mayor is right, it is economic development in its purest form and will help to infuse downtown with people, energy, and the mighty dollar!

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  1. james comments:

    blair – if you look at regional convention centers that will be our direct competition for convention business they all have great transportation options from the major airport directly to the convention districts. we have a lot of work to do beside merely keeping on with the old adage “if we build it…they will come”

  2. Blair comments:

    That is an interesting point. Perhaps the streetcar/lightrail plan should be expanded both for reasons of local transit and development, and to help grow our convention and tourism business.

  3. Joshon comments:

    Do we really think our convention business is going to triple with a new convention center? Do we really think there will be the same large pool of conventions to get our tripling business from in 10 years? With all the current & coming digital technology, economic slowing and carbon-regulated economy is this unrealistic?

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