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April 13th, 2009 recently ranked Oklahoma City 49th in sustainability among major U.S. Cities, but their message remains very positive.  It seems OKC is on the cusp of making significant progress in this area, with Mayor Cornett leading initiatives tackling obesity and the possibility for MAPS 3 public transportation investment.  Here is the breakdown:

By the way, Portland, OR topped the list at #1 and Mesa, AZ came in last at #50.  For the complete article on OKC click here or check out the complete rankings.

ULI Competition 2009: We’re in the top 4!

February 20th, 2009

Got some great news yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  We are one of four finalist teams that have made it through to round two of the 2009 ULI Hines Urban Design competition. Which means we will travel to Denver in April to compete for a shot at the $50,000 first prize.  Really excited and look forward to working some more on this project. Also, now that the results of round one have been announced, I can share with you everything we worked on.  And I am sure to say we, as it was definitely a team effort.


Sarah Snider, Master of City Planning / MIT
Eric Komppa, MBA / University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jesse Hunting, Master of City Planning / MIT
Duncan McIlvaine, M.Arch / MIT
Blair Humphreys, Master of City Planning / MIT


This is our complete design board.  The board measures 51″ x 22″ – or six 17″ x 11″ sheets.  In addition to this we were required to turn in two separate 17″ x 11″ sheets, one with financials and one “day in the life of” sheet conveying life in the year 2050 (click here to see it).  I have chopped up the board pictured above into separate images to fit on your screen below.  The proposal is for an approx. 80 acre site surrounding Denver’s Alameda light rail station.  The northern portion of the site is currently a fairly typical big box retail layout, while the southern portion has a range of tenants connected to the Denver Design District. The primary challenge was to redesign the site to take advantage of the light rail station without displacing any of the existing tenants.  The boards are meant to be self-explanatory (i.e. we weren’t present when the judges viewed them), so I haven’t provided any commentary but if you have questions, just let me know.  Thanks!

note: this post is image heavy so it may load a bit slow.

T-Shirt Competition: Here are the results!

December 20th, 2008

So my ill conceived and poorly executed t-shirt contest is finally coming to a close. I only received two entries; which is surely due to the lack of effort I put in to promoting the contest and not the lack of creativity and graphic design talent that exist in this city. In the original post I wrote: “obviously, I am no expert at holding t-shirt competitions” and while that was confirmed to be true, I did not expect to do this poor of job holding the competition; perhaps the uptick in school work is to blame. Anyway, I will have to learn a couple things before I go the blog-competition-route again. That said, there area a couple great things that came out of this contest:

  1. Got two solid designs, which the designers deserve a lot of credit for producing
  2. I didn’t have to make any tough decisions while distributing the prize money – I simply called it a tie and am giving them each $70!

So with that, lets check out the designs!


Seth Clark
Sustainable living from the beginning



Designer: John Ross
Doing it Green in Oklahoma since bows and arrows


So thanks to John and Seth for participating. If you would like to purchase either of the designs, please email me and we will get it figured out. Thanks!

Saul Griffith is Smaht. Wicked Smaht!

September 11th, 2008

I met this guy yesterday an an XPrize Lab @ MIT reception and have to say that I was really impressed. The solution seeking way that he approaches problems is refreshing. For example, he told me that in most cases, Americans looking to save energy would do better to paint their roofs white, than they would to install solar roof panels! For some reason, we politicize problems to the point that it is all meaningless, but as you can see in this interview, this guy is a pure problem-solving engineer. His name is Saul Griffith, he is brilliant, and I guarantee you that you will see a lot more from him in the future!


Here is an interview where he explains his approach to the problem of global warming:


For more on Saul and his many exciting projects, go to his webiste: